Included with your new pool is the Easy to use Astral Viron Chlorinator. The Astral Chlorinator not only sanitises your pool, but with it’s new ‘set & forget’ feature it will automatically manage it’s own self cleaning. A truly automatic self-cleaning Salt Chlorinator which in addition to chlorine also produces small amounts of ozone, which further adds to the sparkle, & crystal clear freshness of your pool water. The Salt Water Chlorinators are also matched according to the size of the pool.


The filter and energy efficient pumps we supply with your pool is manufactured by Astral.
Astral have been making equipment for many years and also make a large range of commercial and industrial gear. Also, as a water saving measure we would be happy to upgrade to a Astral Cartridge filter at no extra cost. The filters and pumps are matched correctly to the size of the your pool.


Mineral water for your swimming pool. This new international award winning magnapool system is only available from a very few selected pool builders. CL Pools has maintained a very high standard in value for money and customer service with in the pool industry therefore have been rewarded a License to supply and install this new innovation in superior water science to you. There are many benefits of swimming magnesium, it is more gentle, rejuvenating and comes with many health benefits.


Our lights are called ‘Spa Electric LED’ and are the very latest in design thinking.
The ceramic light engine is award winning, which are more cost effective, kind to the environment and last longer than the older style globes. They also have a multi colour LED option available.


Our customers usually arrange their own pool fencing, however we do have suppliers we can recommend. It is the responsibility of the pool owner to ensure they have a compliant pool fence installed and maintained.

Your pool fence must be in place and passed by council inspectors before the water goes in. The pool fencing is also to be in before the pool interior is pebbled as the pool needs to be filled in after the pebble is complete. CL Pools will arrange the fence and final inspection.
There are many kinds of options for pool fencing such as Frameless Glass Fencing or Aluminium Fencing Panels that are designed for use around pools.

Read more about fence requirements and safety here.